Saturday, January 12, 2013

#1 Art 52 Willow's Fish Tray

Okay this wasn't what I pictured for my first art piece of 2013, but it just happens to be the first one finished. At first I didn't think it lined up with this month's "Companion" theme but as it's for my newest little companion I think it's okay. Its also #8 in the 50 creature project.

I painted this little tray for the kitten's feeding area. (a very messy place.)
It was supposed to be just a solid colour but looked kind of plain with just a coat of pale blue acrylic and adding red-orange on the sides was still not enough. I had found a rice paper watercolour monotype of a fish in an old portfolio and as the print was the perfect size it was was adhered to the surface of the tray with acrylic gel medium.

Then I followed the usual pattern of getting carried away by painting a whole bunch of layers and glazes. Now still trying to decide between pouring resin or just coating it with a few layers of of varathane varnish.

I hope Willow appreciates it!

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