Monday, October 8, 2012

Fifty Creatures Project #1 Meera

You may notice my blog looks a little different..

Now that I've left behind my art instructor gig it seems fitting to make a new platform to share my projects. I had decided to start a new blog over at Wordpress and even created the site and wrote the first post.  After using for awhile however, I just didn't like the format as much as Blogger who I have been with for years. I toyed with the idea of creating a brand new blog but decided it was easier to just delete all the old posts, revamp the design and start all over again. I backed up the old content and will transfer it to an archive later.

Because there are tons of canvases lying around, (leftover from art class demos) I seem to need to focus on a series of work and assign myself a project. I don't mind spending hours adding a dab of paint here and there but it takes me forever to finish anything and that is problematic whenever there's an art show or other opportunity to show my work.

My newest project was inspired by a recent visit to the vet with our cat. As usual, this was unexpected and ended up setting us back a few hundred dollars we don't really have. I started thinking of ways to raise funds to pay it off and the first thing to come to mind was pet portraits....but I didn't want to distract myself too much from my current body of work and didn't want to be pumping out paintings just to make money, (although I have no problem with selling my work.)

While mulling over the idea I realized that animals often appear in my work and I've been meaning to explore the subject more. 

Have you noticed that many people feel a connection with a particular animal? This might be a pet which has become a treasured member of the family or friend. Or member of the local wildlife that appears day after day at the same time, or a creature you identify with as a personal totem.
 I saw a way to explore this idea artistically while still creating a body of work that I could sell.My animal themed work has always been one of my best sellers.

Because she was my inspiration, my cat was the first subject matter. This painting measures about 5 by 7 and was painted with watercolour, gesso and ink. My family is very attached to Meera and we were very worried about her. The vet was able to help her out and am happy to say she seems much better. Visa isn't doing so well however... I'm not sure it will have a speedy recovery.

The rest of the paintings in this series will also be predominantly watercolour and mixed media pieces, usually around 8 by 10 inches for ease in framing but I'm aiming to paint a few larger canvases featuring a variety of bears or larger animals, ( I painted a Grizzly in acrylic last year and it was a favorite of mine.) It may take me a year to do fifty paintings or it could go much quicker depending on what else is going on in my life.

So send me your pet pictures or suggestions of animals that are special to you and I will try and get to them. If you want to buy the original painting it will be available or you will be able to pick up the print when I list it on my Etsy shop or website. No money? Send me your pictures or suggestions anyway I appreciate them and will probably paint them anyway.

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