Monday, October 22, 2012

#2 Polar Bear

I've been busy working on my 50 creatures project,( largely  motivated by those of you who have requested commissions.) These little jobs are especially welcome as my cat had another emergency vet visit this week, this one being the most dramatic and expensive yet. Everyone is  optimistic she is going to be okay from now on so all we can do is hope for the best.
 I was hoping to post a new creature every Monday but because a couple of the paintings I've been working on are to be given as gifts I haven't been able to post for two weeks for fear of spoiling the surprise. This week I managed to finish some of my many unfinished canvases however and has they happen to be animal themed I should be able to show you something new in this series every week.
This work is an 12 by 16 Acrylic on Canvas titled "Vanishing." The title is in reference to both  the white bear blending in to it's surroundings and the fact that there are fewer and fewer Polar Bears every year as the ice melts due to Global warming.  Most people look at my Kermode Spirit Bear images and assume they are Polar Bears so I figured it was about time I painted one properly. In the past I did a few little watercolour/gouache studies but the subject seems to lend itself better to the texture and weight achieved in acrylic.
I like the way this little canvas turned out and hope to do a larger variation in the future. I love the idea of a series of larger Bear paintings. While there's still a little bit of tweaking to be done here, I think the background could use a little fine tuning for the most part the painting is basically done. I'll take a proper picture of it when I finish, (and when I either find my camera charger or break down and buy a new one!) In the meantime enjoy this little studio shot of a work in progress.

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