Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello 2013

I'm starting full time employment in a week or two, the first "real" job I've had in years. I'm not giving up on art but really wanted to separate the making of art with the making a living for awhile. Working full time means setting some goals  to stay creative throughout the year. The 50 creature project I began a few months ago will still continue but I'm going to adapt and wrap it inside a bigger project for 2013. . After some thought I decided to start a body of work that could include the creature themes and allow me to play with other ideas and subject matter.
For each week of the year I will create a work of art, 52 pieces in all. It may be a drawing, painting or sculpture but it will be art and I will attempt to post it on this blog every week. I'm hoping this project will allow me to create more freely, draw more and stop endlessly overworking the same pieces while helping me to complete my work.
The title Art 52 was suggested to me by Janet Vanderhoof, who did her own 52 painting project for 2012

To make this undertaking manageable lets break each month into a theme, if there are four pieces a month, that will take me to 48 which is pretty close to the mark. On months I feel more productive I will do more to bring me up to my goal of 52 works of art. Some months I may be less prolific which will require me to step it up if I don't want to fall behind.

This month's topic is still following the Creature theme: Companions, ( I have a some some beloved pet commissions to finish.) I don't have a painting finished yet, so here's a lovely photo my daughter took of our new kitten. Enjoy!
Look for the first painting of Art 52 next week.

"Willow" Rhia Davies-Willson © 2012

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  1. Alesha,

    You have some great plans. I wish you all the best and I lok forward to following your journey.

    Love, KH